Yoga Nature Retreat in Feldis Graubünden, Switzerland

Autumn Equinox – The Way back to Yourself

4-Days Yoga Retreat at the Berghotel Sterna in Feldis (GR), Switzerland.
Thursday, 12th September 2019 until Sunday, 15th September 2019.

When we begin the journey to the equinox in the fall, we have the opportunity to embody the moment, where life and death is meeting itself at a point; light and darkness, the sun, the earth, the moon and everything, what the cosmic body and the earth around us reflect. Whether we live in the city or in the countryside, the change is visible: the sun rises and sets at other times, the plant world blossoms and withers, the colors change – just like our behavior. The whole world is at a turning point.

So we start the day in the silence of meditation. From a short break following the asana practice that gives us the opportunity to relax and recharge our mind, body and soul to refuel for the upcoming time. After the morning yoga practice there is enough time for yourself or in exchange with others to spend time in harmony with nature. In the early evening we return to the yoga practice and integrate the new won Reflections, so that new space can be create in the natural flow of life for the future.

The yoga lessons are for all levels and is maintained in German and English.
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